A pharmacist is a professional that would have direct access to the public and whose duties are commonly required by patients. A pharmacist also dispenses medicines in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. In certain cases, a prescription may be administered after a close evaluation of the description of ailment as may be explained by a patient. Community pharmacy practice by 24 hours pharmacies in France is one of the important pillars in providing better healthcare.

Despite major role of community pharmacy, the state of affairs and condition of the community pharmaceutical service has transformed into a never-ending routine. On the other hand, pharmacies can take part in health promotion campaigns, locally and nationally, on a wide range of drug-related and health-related topics.

The involvement of 24 hours pharmacies in France in trying to improve public health could play an important role in the following areas:

Indulging in Nutrition Counseling

Pharmacists in 24 hours pharmacies in France can make significant contributions in assuring adequate nutrition. This can be achieved through advising his patients about basic food needs, keeping to correct improper food habits in children, advising on special requirements, suggesting special diet instructions for diabetic patients and people with food allergy and participating in school lunch programs and schemes like mid-day meals etc. in rural areas.

Enhancing Women Welfare-Pregnancy and Infant Care

Women are the cornerstone of effective public health. Investing in women translates into investing in family, community and the Nation. Against the backdrop of a hectic and demanding schedule, women’s health receives the least priority when it should be the first. A woman goes through different stages throughout her life, each of which has a specific need and the presence of a counselor is needed in each one of them. The pharmacist who understands the normal course of pregnancy and infancy is at a distinct advantage as he or she can guide the mother in simple matters of hygiene and management. The pharmacist can encourage breastfeeding and can play a major role in guiding the mother for the protection of the child by following proper immunization schedule.

Advising patients on Rational Use of Drugs

24 hours pharmacies in France can encourage pharmacists to advise patients on the administration of the medication. They may also provide information on the storage of the medication and wherever necessary. Education regarding the disadvantage of polypharmacy can also be given to the patient. Drug information system should be set up and access to adverse drug reaction system should be made.

Drug information awareness programs should be conducted to make people aware of side effects of certain Over-The-Counter drugs. For example, the use of Aspirin has many side effects like gastric ulceration; asthma and large doses may cause tinnitus. Additionally, patients should be told that regular use of paracetamol can cause harm to the liver. Moreover, the definition of an Over-The-Counter product should be- a drug which does not require the prescription of a registered medical practitioner but which can be sold only under the supervision of a pharmacist. In short, there should be a rational use of drug being taught to patients by 24 hours in France.

Last year, 24 hours pharmacies in France sold over 3.5 million Sexually Transmitted Diseases treatment packages. That is about 60% of the production capacity of most manufacturers of STD and HIV drugs. This category of drugs is expensive and beyond the reach of common man. A huge resource for community pharmacists in France can educate people in the prevention and information of HIV/AIDS. Another sensitive issue is the increasing number of women patients suffering from AIDS.

Many classes of antiretrovirals are available like protease inhibitors, nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, and non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Patients need close monitoring and strict dietary regimen. Explaining to what HIV is, its transmission, risk reduction, patient counseling are the components of the counseling that a 24 hours pharmacies in France should have.

Recommending a Cessation of Alcohols use, Drug Abuse, and Smoking

Diseases related to alcoholism and drug abuse also come under the preview of the 24 hours pharmacies in France. Pharmacists have a key role to help individuals who become dependent upon alcohol. Drug abuse is similar to alcoholism yet different because it has been gaining more acceptance among young people. Annual mortality from tobacco use exceeds that from all other causes combined. Smoking is the greatest single preventable cause of mortality in France.

It is the responsibility of pharmacists to take an active role in helping the smokers to stop smoking. This can be achieved by following a number of smoking policies throughout the pharmacy, by written information and posters. The pharmacist can also advise on the products available to assist the patient in giving up smoking. Counseling sessions can be made by the community pharmacist to stop smoking.

Family Planning

Among the greatest needs of the hour in France is to control the tremendously increasing population. Pharmacist working at 24 hours pharmacies in France is the one who can help to control this by counseling people and conducting programs which exhibit the problems related to large families. In addition, a pharmacist can tell the various families planning measures that are available in the market at affordable prices. He can also educate the people and convince them about the advantages of having small families

Individualization of Drug Therapy

Today, the latest concept being used by 24 hours pharmacies in France medication is individualization of drug therapy. Where judicious patient care is needed, individualization of drug therapy becomes a necessity. A pharmacist can play a vital role in the implementation of this practice. A doctor who is preoccupied with patient diagnosis and treatment may not have time for patient counseling regarding drug use information. This, therefore, remains a sole role the pharmacists.

In a nutshell, it is imperative to acknowledge that the role of 24 hours pharmacies in France in providing better health care is indispensable. Highly developed steps should be taken by the pharmacists to make his or her recognition in the community as a better health care provider.